Councils set to make £1BILLION from parking fees by next year after 230 per cent hike on some car parks and permits

A RECORD £1billion profit from parking fees is set to be raked in by councils next year.


Town halls will hike the cost of car parks and permits by up to 230 per cent from April, an audit has shown.


Campaigners have criticised the big increases


Motorists will also be hit by the end of cheaper Sunday rates in some areas.


AA president Edmund King said some councils are already budgeting to make millions of pounds more and “looking for new opportunities to catch drivers”.


Local authorities made a surplus of £885million from parking in 2018/19 — and are expected to bust the £1billion barrier in 2020. Exeter, Brighton, Cambridge, Nottingham and Reading are all planning big increases, the Daily Mail reported.


And Hampshire is said to be increasing its residential parking charges by 230 per cent over the next two years.


Campaigners have criticised the rises and Tory MP Sir Greg Knight called it a “short-sighted strategy that doesn’t make any sense”.


The Local Government Association said any surplus generated from on-street parking charges is spent on transport projects that “benefit local economies”.

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